"Children are not things to be moulded but people to be unfolded" - Jess Lair

Our vision

All children have the potential to be resilient, curious, respectful, independent and knowledgeable, creative  learners. These values are deeply embedded within our community. They underpin how we teach and how we help children to grow as individuals. All staff work closely with our parents, understanding how these relationships can bring family and culture into the heart of our learning community.

About us

In our Day Nursery we are able to take children from six months old to four years, providing full wrap around care for families in our community, up to 48 weeks a year.

We have a dedicated room with lots of natural light and a fully enclosed garden for babies to explore their world safely and a large ‘family’ space where children of all ages come together to learn from each other.

In our setting, we focus on creating well designed, happy, and empowering spaces for children that engage imagination and stimulate discovery. Within this learning environment, emphasis is on high quality, nurturing interactions from key people and a commitment to providing fully inclusive and respectful practice.