Slade Nursery School Headington

Slade Nursery School Headington

' to provide the best possible start for each child.'

Free early years education for 3 to 4 year oldsNursery for 6 months to 5 year oldsFunded 2 year olds

Titup Hall Dr, Headington, OXFORD,
Oxfordshire, OX3 8QQ

01865 750670

Learning And Development

Learning and Development 

About us

Every child has a key person in the nursery who will support them while they are with us, and communicate with parents/carers on a regular basis. Attending sessions every day enables your child to enjoy the full range of activities and experiences on offer at Nursery School. It helps to prepare your child for the routine of school life, when they enter Foundation Stage.

There are four nursery rooms with a kitchen area, cloakroom and toilets in each room. We have a large garden, which is a wonderful outside classroom. The children move around these areas quite freely and are encouraged to use all of the facilities available. Room 4 has its own small garden. This room is suitable for children who may prefer not to be in a larger group. 

Our aim for every child is that they will:


  • feel unique, be secure in who they are and proud of differences
  • know their voice can be heard and acknowledged
  • feel nurtured, safe and secure
  • have a sense of wellbeing to promote confidence and self-esteem
  • be able to celebrate their cultural identity and sense of belonging
  • be independent learners and self-directing risk takers
  • be inquisitive, curious, inspired and excited to explore and investigate their world
  • think critically, be able to learn from mistakes and be reflective
  • develop friendships through kindness and empathy, supported by negotiation and compromise
  • be able to listen and know their questions will be valued
  • grow in persistence and the ability to problem-solve without too much adult intervention
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