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Curriculum Intent

'To ensure that all children at Slade Nursery School have the knowledge and skills for future learning to meet their individual needs, no matter what their background.'

  • Slade Nursery School have high ambitions of all children and provide a curriculum to meet the needs of each child to ensure children from every background will do well.   
  • Slade Nursery School has a strong intent to start from the child, following their interests and fascinations to develop all areas of the curriculum. We develop their knowledge and cultural capital they need to succeed in life.  
  • The curriculum will be planned and sequenced to build on what they know and can do, so that they can acquire new knowledge and skills.  
  • Slade Nursery School support children to develop the attributes of resilient learning, identifying and encouraging the characteristics of effective learning.  
  • Slade Nursery School support children's wellbeing and involvement to ensure children can fully access the curriculum. 

Our Curriculum will enable children to:   

  • have  a sense of wellbeing and high self-esteem - to have strategies to manage their feelings and behaviour
  • be respectful and positive members of the community 
  • have the ability to communicate clearly - to express themselves
  • be independent, resilient and creative learners 
  • see themselves as a learner and have a commitment to learn 
  • to be able  to negotiate and problem solve
  • have the knowledge and skills for their life