Exploring our world

This term we have welcomed some new children into our rooms and look forward to more two-year olds joining us by November. We have watched as firm friendships begin to form and children develop empathy in understanding the needs of different age groups.

We have been focusing on Curiosity and Respect as core curriculum values and how these are woven into the fabric of our learning. The children have been exploring their environment, looking at light and shade and capturing changes through the lens of a camera. This has given them a new understanding of cause and effect, and they have enjoyed sharing discoveries with their peers. 

Amazement as our hands grew and shrunk. The older children calling out "tiny, bigger, bigger, biggest! It's a monster!" and others content to investigate the source of the light.




Finding views in unexpected places and as a means of communicating with others when there may be no shared language yet. 


There have been many moments of close investigation that support a sense we are together in this journey, everyone learning in their own unique way.


Music has proven to be a particular fascination, shared thoughtfully one-to-one listening to bell tones or by creating drum kits to play enthusiastically as a band.