Our Values Based Curriculum

We have written a Curriculum unique to Slade Nursery based on our values tree. We have chosen 6 values from the tree that we feel are significant to the holistic development of children. We believe that these values, if nurtured will support them to reach their full potential. We aspire for all our children to become Curious, Independent, Knowledgeable, Respectful, Creative and Resilient human beings.

To be CURIOUS about my community and the natural world

  • 1. To have a sense of belonging and place in their local community.
  • 2. Connect / Notice the changing seasons and weather patterns and how they impact me.
  • 3. Develop a sense of wonder at what I see around me.
  • 4. Develop a sense of self beyond their family
  • 5. Able to recognise places within their local community.


  • 1. Problem solve and make connections
  • 2. Choose my own way
  • 3. Develop my interests and fascinations
  • 4. Learn new skills, gain knowledge
  • 5. Mange snack routines and self-help skills

To RESPECT myself, others and our nursery school

  • 1. Take care of the Nursery environment and resources.
  • 2. Be kind to self and others
  • 3. Be considerate to the feelings of others and points of view / needs
  • 4. Keep myself and others safe.
  • 5. Show care and concern for living things

To express myself CREATIVELY and freely

  • 1. Express ideas thoughts and feelings through art, sculpture, dance and music.
  • 2. Be imaginative and creative and express myself, free from inhibition
  • 3. I can find new ways to communicate my inner world
  • 4. Make up and Tell a story

To be RESILIENT to life’s challenges

  • 1. Develop a Growth Mindset: (Willing to have a go, Keep on trying, Inner confidence)
  • 2. Recognise transitions and manage them independently
  • 3. Regulate my feelings to play cooperatively
  • 4. Organise and adapt my play using skills of negotiation and compromise.