We are storytellers and scientists


Following on from our role play exploration of superheroes, the children have been talking about the real-life heroes in their community - fire fighters, police offices and of course, celebrating  heroes at home in time for Mothers Day.

The children threw themselves into Pirate Day with great enthusiasm. Besides enriching their imaginative play, the day offered a sense of shared delight and purpose. There were maps to make, sea shanty's to sing, and adventures to have on the high seas with treasure hunts for gold coins. 


Elsewhere, there has been a lot of interest in colour, exploring cause and effect and change as the new season took hold. Children of all ages have had opportunities to engage in experimenting with sensory trays, new smells, textures and colours. Using pipettes, tongs or squeezing coloured water from bottles supports developing finger strength, dexterity, co-ordination and grip. 

We have been watching how thoughtful and measured the children's experiments were as they tested their skills and problem-solved either alone, or with sensitive support and encouragement.

Taking these experiences into large-scale environments, created what were termed by Wood and Hall (2011) as "spaces for intellectual play" Children learning kinaesthetically through connected movement and thought.

   As well as providing lots of fun!

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