The fruits of Summer


 The Summer is coming to an end, so a good point at which to reflect on our learning during August in the Day Nursery. We have focused on curiosity as a key value this month, encouraging children of all ages to follow their particular fascinations, sharing discoveries and moments of wonder as they explore the world around them.

Children have been enjoying the benefits of a bountiful crop of ripe fruits and vegetables: picking blackberries on the field, using spiralisers and slicing mechanisms to cut courgettes and runner beans, and cooking apple crumble.  There has been a lot to learn about fresh produce, sensing new tastes and textures, and understanding the process of change.




















We have also welcomed some younger faces into the Day Nursery; in some cases their first experience of being away from family. This has provided opportunities to develop close and caring attachments to key people and broaden social circles.

Much of the new children’s time has been spent in exploration of the nursery environments. For some, this has involved the physical challenge of spending time learning to roll over and strengthen neck muscles.

For others, we have seen them take their first steps to explore spaces outside or take on the challenge of climbing apparatus.








Everyone has been keenly watering during the hot spells and watching the thunderstorms send splashes across the garden paths. We also received the kind gift of a new tree, able to grow three types of apples! After hours of effortful digging by Kamila and the proud children to create a deep enough hole, the new tree is happily in place.

Twigs from garden as we cut back the Buddleia, have led to thoughtful and creative pieces of artwork and an interest in working with wood through use of hand-operated tools.




















Water play has drawn the children into testing properties through trial and error, gaining a sense of capacity, measure and change through practical investigations.